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Managed Servers

Powerful dedicated and cloud servers without the stress of administration

Expert system-wide managed hosting from dedicated server to cloud. Maximize the performance and security of your online business while reducing your costs. Best price-service-performance ratio.

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Managed Servers

Advantages of Managed Servers

More performance

More Performance

Whether you have a large website (e.g. informative websites with high traffic) or an e-shop with thousands of products and a large database workload, our managed servers ensure that your online business gets the performance it needs.

More Security

More Security

Installing server updates, installing server patches, kernel updates and upgrades, scanning for malware, virus, rootkit, etc., backups, DDoS protection and three levels of firewall layers harden the security of the managed server.

Less Costs

Less Costs

Reduce the costs required to rent, install and maintain a server. No mater if you need dedicated or cloud server, our managed servers bring all these costs together at one unbitable price.

Managed server hosting

Managed server hosting ready to run your websites, e-shops & applications!

Every managed server come pre-installed with the software required to operate an online business with maximum security.

Your Managed Server Options

Select your prefered managed server group to view more details.

Managed dedicated servers

Dedicated Server

Host your websites on a managed dedicated server. At this moment are available only managed servers with AMD Ryzen processors.

Managed Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Cloud Server

Suitable for small and medium traffic websites and online stores that need fast hosting and extra resources.

Installed on all Managed Servers

Our managed servers come with pre-installed software and an online management interface that allows their easy configuration. For example, if you are a web design agency that hosts client websites, you can create/edit/delete client accounts, websites, emails, databases and many more.

Hosting server

Hosting Server

Managed server with installed http server Apache2, NGINX or Apache2 with NGINX as reverse proxy and advanced cache.

Email Server

Email Server

Professional solution, without restrictions, for business emails of the name@yourdomain.gr format.

DataBase Server

MariaDB, as the primary database server, provides writes and reads, while we provide FREE performance optimization.

Easy to Use Control Panel

Each managed server has an installed control panel that allows you to perform all the tasks required to create, manage and display a website online.

Sites, SSL Databases, FPT, SSH
Emails, Forwards
DNS and many more
Easy to Use Control Panel

Managed Servers

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why managed server?

    The use of a managed server provides the online business with a number of advantages. Increased performance, increased security, ease of use, many scalability options and reduced end costs.

  • We have a wide variety of products with management. The choice depends entirely on your needs. For example, if your website has a small or medium volume of daily visits and uses cache to display pages to visitors, then a managed cloud server (VPS) can respond without any problem, even if the traffic is much higher than expected. But when you have an e-shop with hundreds of visitors and dozens of sales per day, then you will choose a managed dedicated server or a managed virtual dedicated server (VDS). If you don't know what to choose, contact our sales department here.

  • A dedicated server is a physical computer while a cloud server is a virtual computer. Using a dedicated server ensures stable and predictable performance unlike a cloud server that shares the resources of the same physical computer with other cloud servers. This is why a virtual private server (VPS) can face performance issues unless you explicitly state from the provider that the product has dedicated resources (CPU, RAM). In this case we are dealing with a virtual dedicated server (VDS) which although a virtual server will ensure you the expected performance as it works identically to a physical computer.

  • Management is easy using the Controller. You can easily perform all the necessary operations required to run and display a website online. Each managed dedicated server has a simple management interface, similar to what we use in shared web hosting. Add unlimited websites, databases, e-mail accounts, FTP and SSH users, manage DNS records, add clients and many more.

  • Each managed server comes with pre-installed software and is ready to go without any additional action required from you. The servers are monitored 24/7 and our technicians are immediately informed of any problems, which they try to resolve as soon as possible. More information can be found in the terms of use.

  • We undertake the free transfer of up to 3 websites, up to a maximum size of 5GB each (web files and database). After that point will be a charge that will be determined after consultation with you.

  • A managed server takes between 4 and 90 hours to activate. The activation time depends on the type and configuration of each server.

  • Of course you can use one of the managed servers as all packages provide the ability to create accounts for clients. Dedicated servers provide the ability to create unlimited client accounts as opposed to cloud servers that provide a specific number of accounts for clients. For more information on the reseller capabilities you can see here.

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