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NGINX Hosting NG LVL-9

The NGINX hosting plan NG LVL-9, is designed to host up to 20 large-sized websites that do not need dedicated resources to run smoothly. It comes with 200GB NVMe SSD disk for storing your files. It has no limitation on the traffic the website can receive and allows for the creation of unlimited email accounts and databases. It provides a free SSL Let’s Encrypt security certificate for all websites as well as a free domain name. With 512MB Memory per script and 360s Execution time you will not face any operation problem, even if you host your medium sized online store on it.

  • Website Features
  • Websites The maximum number of websites allowed per account.
  • Free domain You can get a free domain name .gr, .com, .net, .eu with the 12-month or 24-month hosting packages.
  • Disk NVMe SSD The available disk space for web files
    200 GB
  • Traffic Receive unlimited traffic to your websites. We do not limit the amount of visitors that your websites receives. Fair usage policy applies.
  • Sub-domains The number of sub-domains that can be created on the account
  • DNS Administration
  • Admin control interface Via web interface
  • Web Server The web server used in the hosting package
  • Password protection Protect folders with a passcode
  • FTP and FTPS access FTP and FTPS access to the server for file transfer
  • FTP users The number of FTP and SFTP users that can be configured on the account
  • WebFTP
  • Backup Backups can be configured in daily, weekly and monthly mode. Up to 30 copies can be stored for web archives and databases. Be careful with the setting because backups consume the available disk space
  • SSL encryption (https)
  • Let‘s Encrypt certificate Free unlimited Let's Encrypt certificates
  • E-Mail Features
  • Free Professional Email All accounts use Postfix/Dovecot professional email
  • Mailboxes The number of email@domain.com that can be created per account
  • Email Space The available disk space for all mailboxes
    10 GB
  • Email forwarding
  • SMTP (TLS secured)
  • Webmail
  • Autoresponder
  • Catch-all function
  • Anti-Spam techniques
  • Virus scanner
  • Developer Features
  • Databases (MariaDB) The number of databases that can be created in the account
  • Database Space The available disk space for all databases on high-speed NVMe SSD drives.
    3000 MB
  • Cron jobs
  • Execution of PHP scripts (PHP5/PHP7/PHP8)
  • Memory per script (memory_limit)
    512 MB
  • Execution time (max_execution_time)
    360 sec
  • PHP extensions Installed: APCu, Memcached, ImageMagick, Ioncube Loader, OPcache, XDebug, GeoIP
  • CGI interface (i.a. Perl, Python, Ruby)
  • CMS suitable Suitable for WordPress
  • eShop suitable Suitable for WooCommerce e-shop
  • SSH Access
  • WSGI
  • proxy_cache Active with ability for custom settings by domain
  • mod_rewrite
  • Support
  • Free phone support
  • Free email & ticket support
  • Infrastructure
  • Network availability
  • Location
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • DDoS protection
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